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This memorial website was created to honor the memory of Keli Kay McGinness, who was last seen alive on June 28, 1983.  Gary L. Ridgway, the "Green River Killer",  has admitted strangling Keli to death on that day.  Keli has never been found.  As of March 14, 2008, the Doe Network ( has reported that Ridgway led searchers to a small amount of bones which may be Keli's. He said he had killed her and had moved some of her bones to another location. Her case remains open for DNA comparisons.

Unfortunately, because Ridgway is a pathological liar, it has been impossible for investigators to get a straight answer out of him as to where he left Keli McGinness.  Ridgway told investigators that he first met her on Feb. 23, 1983 when they were on a "date". They were stopped by a Seattle Port Authority police officer in Ridgway's maroon pickup truck near Sunset Junior High School, where Keli gave the officer one of her aliases, that of Jennifer Kauffman. The officer let them go and told them to move on.  Ridgway told investigators that he picked up Keli again several months later, and states: "I took her someplace and I killed her. I know that for sure."  Ridgway has maintained that he strangled Keli in the back of his pickup truck.  Investigators from the Green River Task Force are still investigating Keli's case and want to find her remains. Ridgway has stated he left Keli's body at the Lake Fenwick site, but nothing has been found there.

Keli Kay was born on April 17, 1965, in Seattle, Washington State.  Keli's biological mother was (and is) a talented singer and her father was a car salesman.  Keli's parents divorced when she was nearly three years old.  Keli's mother remarried, and Keli's stepfather was a teacher making $900 per month, NOT a wealthy man who took care of her and her mother, as mistakenly reported in the SEATTLE TIMES.  Keli's mother, a talented singer, performed at such locales as the Washington Plaza Oak Room, Camlin Hotel, Tally Ho Room at The University Towers Hotel in Seattle. and was making $2,000.00 per month plus tips.  Keli's mother also owned restaurants in Oregon and Washington State.  She is a talented businesswoman and a very hard-working, ethical woman with a great love for her daughter, whom she misses terribly each and every day.

At the age of 13, Keli had a terrifying experience that forever changed her life. While babysitting, she was gang-raped by a group of drunken boys, against whom she was afraid to testify.  Soon after this traumatic experience,  Keli ran away from home for good, was on the streets working as a prostitute, and in a relationship with a pimp, Raphael Wilson, with whom she had two children.*  The first child, a boy, was given up for adoption, and the second child, a girl, was placed in foster care while Keli was serving a short jail sentence for prostitution.  Keli had intended to return to pick up her four-month old daughter, who was born in 1983, but never was seen again after working the streets on the night of June 28, 1983, at which time she disappeared forever.  She was last seen about 7:30 pm, standing by the street in the area of the Three Bears Motel on South 216th Street and Pacific Highway South.  She was wearing high heels, blue jeans, a tan short-sleeved sweater and a long camel-hair coat at that time.  Keli's "boyfriend", Raphael (sp?) Wilson, called her mother in a panic to tell her he could not find her.  Wilson, whose house has since been raided for drugs, is a heroin addict who is in prison.  Keli has never been seen since Wilson called her mother, and he never made any attempt to take care of the little girl, who was put up for adoption when Keli didn't return from the street that night.

Keli's mother tried many times to persuade Keli to leave prostitution, but her daughter kept saying: "How else could I make this kind of money? I am a prostitute." However, Keli had made the decision to stop working the streets; she desperately wanted to get out of prostitution and put her daughter in foster care because she wanted her to be safe.  Keli  intended to go back for her daughter after her last trip out; she said she was going out one more time and then was going to stop working the streets permanently and raise a family and do the right things for them. However, on this last trip, she disappeared.  It was highly unlike her not to keep in touch with her family, or to come back for her daughter, whom she adored.

Keli's mother has not heard from her since she last saw her on Mother's Day, 1981 and has never really known where her daughter is, because no body has ever been found.   Detectives are still working on the case and hope to find Keli one day. 

A new documentary, MY UNCLE IS THE GREEN RIVER KILLER, shows the effects that Ridgway's actions have had on the family members of the victims, including Keli's family. Please go to: IMPORTANT UPDATE: The remains of Rebecca T. Marrero, another of the victims still missing, were found on Dec. 23, 2010, right before Christmas. Rebecca is no longer missing, but has been found. The others who are still missing are Keli McGinness, Patty Osborn and Kase Ann Lee.

My deepest condolences to the Marrero family. 

Due to continued problems with, Rebecca's website has been moved to:


*From literature on this topic, sexual assault survivors sometimes go into prostitution as part of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

A special thank-you to Keli's mom, who provided additional photos of Keli for this website, on what would have been Keli's 45th birthday (April 17, 2010).


There is also a site put up for Keli at Find-A-Grave. Someone else put this up for her.  You can reach it by going to:

The webmaster put up this site because she is interested in victims' rights. She paid the fee to permanently register the site. She has not made any money off this site, nor does she intend to do so. 

UPDATE 1:  Keli's mother has informed the webmaster that a memorial brick with Keli's name is on a sea wall in Sitka, Alaska, because Keli has never been found. 

UPDATE 2:  The Three Bears Motel on Pacific Highway South in Des Moines, WA, was closed by the city in September, 2007, because of non-working smoke detectors in the rooms.  The city also shut it down because of numerous calls for prostitution and drug use on the property; police were called to the area many times. Keli had used this motel and disappeared from right in front of it back in 1983.

UPDATE 3:  Keli's daughter is a trained chef in a restaurant, and she has met her brother. Both are doing well.

For more updated information on teen prostitution, which is a terrible problem in this country, see this video at:

Background music:  " Someone To Watch Over me by Linda Ronstadt.


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Tributes and Condolences
May your life and death be the beginning of grace from this world to protect women   / Susan (Sister in life )
I never met Keli in person and I am not sure if our paths ever crossed but our pain is the same. I spent 15 years in prison to prostitution. I've spent 11 more trying to recover from it. I met the GRK in Sept 1982 on Aurora but another girl went with...  Continue >>
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INTO THIN AIR....   / Janice Harrison (None-Webmaster)
It is really hard to imagine that someone as vibrant, intelligent, loving and well-written as Keli Kay McGinness could end up just vanishing into thin air....literally "without a trace".

She had everything to live for. She wanted...  Continue >>
"Opal" By Chris Steelman   / Chris Steelman (none)
I just posted a tribute to Kelli and several other victims of that monster. We should all be reminded and inspired by Kelli to cherish each day and celebrate the time we have.
GONE SINCE 1983 WITHOUT A TRACE   / Janice Harrison (none-webmaster)
Keli it is hard to believe that you have been missing now since June 28, 1983. In just a few days it will be June 28 2011. The day you stepped into oblivion happened long ago--28 years to be exact--but I am sure that for your mother and others who kn...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
CBS VIDEO, "The Green River Killer"


Keli's Legacy  

I did not know Keli Kay McGinness and have never been out to Washington State or any of the other areas where Keli lived.  She was only a month older than I was, and had a loving mother and family.  Because of an event beyond her control, she was traumatized and lived a precarious and dangerous existence, though she never lost her loving spirit, sense of humor or keen intelligence.  She left behind a son and daughter and a family that deeply loves and misses her and wants her remains to be found so she can be properly laid to rest. 

Keli's story serves as a reminder to all young women, of the dangers that are faced in modern society.  Whether or not we want to acknowledge them, they exist.  Keli made some choices that weren't wise, but she made them because she felt she had no other choice. Keli disappeared in the blink of an eye, unable to realize her dreams, and her family and friends never saw her again. Keli's story should make all of us realize that no matter what we do or who we are, we are all valued and important to somebody as human beings. 


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